Today we pray for neighbors church.

We pray for the message of love and the joy that it brings.

We pray to Love God and to know God Loves us.

We pray for inspiration from scriptures and stories to be told.

We pray beyond money or material things.

We pray beyond buildings, traditions or change.

Today we pray to love ourselves as God loves us.

We pray to know we are loved and special for who we are.

We pray to be believers, to be disciples and to serve.

We pray for each other and for the neighbors we have yet to meet.

We pray for our leaders and our pastors and preachers.

We pray to love all, knowing everyone is loved by God.

We pray for the love of Jesus, our Lord and our Savior

For Christ that loves all, accepts all, appreciates all and celebrates all.

Today we pray to love God, love ourselves and to love our neighbors.

Today we pray for neighbors church.