Ever see a flock of gooses?  Or is that geeses?  Ganders? (It’s all foul to me.)

I walk every day and my route takes me past an area that is home to a large flock of Canadian geese.  (I could tell they were Canadian because they wore stocking caps and grilled back bacon during the lunch hour.)

But what intrigued me the most happened every day just before nightfall.   That was the time these Canadians would leave their area and fly off to nearby fields. Before anyone would flutter a wing, the birds would begin “honking.”

Sometimes, just one goose would get things going and then the rest would chime in. Before long all would be honking enthusiastically and then, as a well thought out flight plan, birds would start leaping from the water in small groups.  All would continue their honking melody until the last set of birds flew off toward the nightfall and no one was left to utter a sound.

Growing up my family always went to Mexico for vacations so obviously I do not know too much about these Canadians.  Nevertheless, after witnessing this spectacle every day, I came to my own conclusion. It appeared to me, that the birds were in some way, encouraging each other.

As each small group prepared for takeoff, the other birds would honk loudly as if to yell out inspirational phrases like, “you can do it!”  “We’re behind you all the way!”  “You are the wings beneath our winds!”

Not only were the birds cheering for one another, they were doing it loud and proud and every single day. They weren’t the least bit embarrassed to show affection for one another and celebrate friendships among the feathers. The cheers were always enthusiastic and filled with energy, encouragement and approval. Yes, these Canadians were unselfishly there for one another.

Seeing this brought some very serious questions to my center.  Questions I could no longer ignore.  Thought provoking questions like; “How come I don’t honk very much?  Or “Why aren’t I more goose-like?”

Then I took another gander at the gooses and realized, I could be more like them.  It wouldn’t take much effort either.  All I would need to do is encourage people more.  Tell individuals I am grateful for them and cheer them on as we share this world together.  I could even adapt the buddy system like they did.    I could group myself with others that would encourage my wellbeing and I would theirs.  We could form a community that honks and inspires each other. Then we would all feel more uplifted and even see God’s love, more clearly in ourselves and in others.

So, the next time you are out in the world, Give someone a good honk of encouragement!  If we all did this, I just bet, we would all be able to take flight and spiritually soar above the clouds, dropping our sorrows like poop from a goose. (sorry bout that.)