Do the Charmin bears ever talk about anything else?

I see these bears on TV quite often and they seem quite obsessed with toilet paper.  With every free moment, their discussions consist only of the discomfort of the derriere.  They either feel dry, itchy or linty.

And environmental settings do not appear to have any effect on the conversation.  Whether they are in the bathroom, living room, kitchen… All they can focus on is the dismay of their bums and the comfort of toilet paper.  Even at the airport, during a security check, the father bear cannot help but tell officers just how clean his tush is.

Football games, debate stages, national parks, graduation ceremonies… wherever they are, whatever they see, whomever they are with, there is but one conversation. (Pun intended.)

It’s getting to a point where I have begun to feel sorry for the bear family.  Leonard, Dylan, Amy, Bill, and Molly… my heart goes out to them all.  Imagine, going through life with only one focus.  Only black and white thinking.  “Tush itches, Toilet paper cures tush.”   Frankly, if they are having this much discomfort, one has to wonder if toilet paper’s the only solution?  Perhaps they could benefit from a visit to a qualified physician?

By only focusing on one thing, I worry these bears are missing out on all of the other possibilities life has to offer.   They are not seeing the forest for the trees.  They only see the paper. Around a glorious campfire, they can only see their ash.  If only they could look upward once and a while.  It’s as if their eyes are wedged in only one position.

I fear this type of closed focus can really prevent them from enjoying life to its fullest.

I worry that when we only focus on one thing, we can inadvertently lock ourselves into a very shallow way of thinking.  Our growth as beings can be severely stifled if we see just one view in life.  Fixing our minds to one thing like toilet paper can prevent us from expanding our minds beyond our cheeks.

I ponder curiously…  Does this bear family only allow one conversation in their home?  Do they reject people with other thoughts?  What if someone came in with a bidet?  Would they have the open-mindedness to hear this new idea?  Or do they only allow conversations with bears that think the same as they do?

By this time, I am sure you share my concerns for this bottom-bewildered bear family.

Sometimes, when we close our minds, we can find ourselves closing doors as well.  When the bear family believes their happiness can only be achieved by soft tissue, they can lose sight of other opportunities in which joy can arise.  Sadly, I’ve seen this happen before in a man named Mr. George Whipple.  His joy was toilet paper.  And that joy was often shattered when someone would squeeze a pack of Charmin.  So fragile was he.

Yes, Mr. Whipple (George) could only see one way in life.  His close-minded views prevented him from seeing others as friends and neighbors.  He could only see them as possible threats to his precious TP. Eventually, he died a lonely bitter man; never knowing there was more to life than a 12-pack of rolls.

I fear this could happen to the bear family.

I pray it is not too late.

I pray they see more to this world of ours.  I pray they see the wonderment; the joys and the amazing beings God has created.  Beings of different shapes and sizes.  Beings of different backgrounds, different cultures, and different identities.  There is much variety in our world and so many ways joy can be found.

Perhaps, rather than telling people about their bottoms, the bear family could learn to listen more.

Listen more to the thoughts, ideas, and feelings of others.  Perhaps this could change their inward focus to something more inclusive.  More welcoming.  Who knows, allowing more voice from others might allow them to hurl beyond their hind ends. Together they could experience new things and expand their minds and spirits.  Who knows, they might even try a roll of Angel Soft.

Now, I want to make this clear. I am not trying to convince anyone to refrain from using toilet paper.  Far from it.  I want it known that I indeed feel its value in our world today.  Many times, the ideas and thoughts we have are just as wonderful and valuable as hiney hygiene.  And I do feel happy that the bear family shares something they are obviously passionate about.

But I do hope they can find even more things to celebrate.  Sometimes, when we open our eyes and ears and invite others into our lives, we can find ourselves celebrating more often than we ever did when our minds were narrowed.

Sometimes whole worlds open up before us when we do allow more ‘ifs,’ ‘ands,’ and even ‘buts’.

So here’s to you, bear family!

I pray your eyes open to the many more blessings.

May you go forth and progress!

I’m behind you all the way.