Listening to the silence.

Recently I have been spending much more time in silence.  Not just in a prayer or meditative state, which I have done in short moments, but by many hours at a time spent with nothing more than the sounds of life surrounding me.  No TV.  No internet. No music. No phone. Just silence.

And it is amazing.

In the silence I discover thoughts and feelings otherwise blocked out by noise of other thoughts and feelings.  In the silence the thoughts and feelings I discover our mine and God’s.

And it is inspiring.

My heart is led, not by the things told to me from the agendas of others, but rather by the things I discover on my own. My silence hears more.  My Heart is fed more.

And it is nourishing.

Before the silence, I found myself becoming more negative, more sarcastic.  I used words like ‘stupid’ to describe the actions of another human being.  Hurtful words to describe another child of God.

And it was demoralizing.

In the silence, my sarcasm was gone and I had just my thoughts and feelings from my heart and I grew in understanding of myself and much more importantly an understanding of others.

And it was an awakening.

In the silence I see more with my ears and my eyes, I touch more with my thoughts and soul.  I feel closer to the ones I love and hear their wishes and needs more clearly.  In the silence I see those I did not see in the noise.

And I see my neighbor.

In the silence I am centered.  I am aware.

And I hear the whispers of God.