One can learn a thing or two by mopping a floor.

Recently, I was doing a bit of cleaning at Neighbors. Just some vacuuming and wiping down tables.  Then I started to mop the floor in our kitchenette area.  I was in a bit of a hurry to get things done but quickly realized that mopping takes a bit of a slower pace.

If you mop too fast, water and cleaner can splash on places one doesn’t want to be mopped.  Like cabinets, carpet and shoes.  You also have to make sure you wring out the mop to avoid adding too much water and cleaner to the floor.  Otherwise, it can look like a pipe just burst.

Yes, if you mop too quickly, you can actually clean less and spread more dirt.

Mopping definitely takes a rhythm.  There is a pace needed to ensure a good cleaning.  That is, after all, the outcome that is desired.  We do not mop just to slosh water around and make the floor wet.  We mop with the purpose of washing the floor.  To mop up the dirt, and clean.

If we just go through the motions, we can leave a bigger mess than what we started out with.


Yes.  This can apply to more than mopping.

Are there places in our lives right now, in which we are just rushing through the motions?  Places that could use a little bit more of a slower pace and rhythm?

Are we rushing through life without slowing down to notice the details?

Are we creating a rhythm in life that allows us to count our blessings?

Sometimes we can get into a rut of speeding through our days.  We get up, get going, and before we know it, we are heading back to bed exhausted and wondering where the time went.

We can often get so caught up in the fast pace that we forget to feed our spirit.  We forget to pause and give attention to our soul.  We spend the day trying to work toward happiness but end up with more time working and less time happy.

Our constant fight to keep up with, what we think is important, ends up causing us even more stress and we find ourselves feeling worse.  Sometimes we even get angry or depressed because we see our lives slipping away and know we are missing some of the most important moments.  We grow ill feelings in our pursuit of happiness.

Are we improving our lives?  Or are we just splashing dirt into more places?

Sometimes, we do need to pause.

If our truest pursuit in life is happiness, then we must take moments in our lives to ring out the dirt.

We must take time to slow down to a rhythm that allows us to enjoy the moments in life and we must take the time to care for our spirits.

We can remove the dirt in our life when we take care of our soul.

Take a moment to look at your floor.  (your life)

Does it have areas that could use some cleaning and attention?  Are there places in the corners and crevasses that are being ignored?

Are you trying to gloss over your life with large swoops and not really noticing the little things?

Are you spending your life in the watered-down surface and not getting down to the important things found deeper below the surface?

Are you actually not cleaning but rather just spreading the dirt?

Are you feeding your soul, or just splashing water?

May we all slow things down just a bit.

May we all create a rhythm.

One that helps us see the blessings, both big and small.

May we all feed our souls and enjoy less dirt.