Hello Neighbors!

Experts and people that seem smart say the number one way people check out a church is when someone they know invites them!  So, let’s invite!

I know it can sometimes be difficult to start a conversation to invite someone to church.  So, I’ve come up with some possible conversation starters that might help:

  1. “Hey there! Want to come to church with me?”
  2. “Do you know what makes northwest Lincoln so cool?”
  3. “Have you ever had a glazed donut?”
  4. “I prayed the other day and Jesus said he would like you to join me at Neighbors.”
  5. “The sidewalk in front of the church is shoveled.”
  6. “Ever seen a bald guy preach?”
  7. “Want to be part of something amazing?”
  8. “Everyone is welcome at Neighbors. Even you.”
  9. “All the hip cats go to Neighbors.”
  10. “I don’t know why, but people just seem to smell better at Neighbors.”
  11. “We have Maxwell House coffee.”
  12. “We have the greatest people at Neighbors.”
  13. “Did you know the word “neighbor” is in the bible?
  14. “Do you like listening to a guy sing and play guitar?”
  15. “Every seen a short guy preach?”
  16. “Want to feel part of a loving community?”
  17. “If you ask me, metal chairs are so much more comfortable than pews.”
  18. “If you ever get bored with the sermon, we’ve got Mister Rogers playing in the children’s area.”
  19. “Ever wish you had a free travel mug with the name ‘Neighbors’ on it?”
  20. “Want to help a very special new church grow?”
  21. “No matter what the weather is like, it’s always room temperature at Neighbors.”
  22. “We really need people to join us on Sundays. Can you be one of them?”
  23. “We like you just the way you are.”
  24. “Do you like the song, “Amazing Grace?”
  25. “Want to be part of a church that isn’t churchy?”
  26. “Want to be part of a movement of kindness?”
  27. “Meet me there this Sunday.”
  28. “Sometimes, we have bananas.”
  29. “No need to hold your coffee in your lap. We have tables.”
  30. “Neighbors really needs you.”

See You At Church!

Pastor Trever