I got a package in the mail the other day.

I could tell from the label it was from Amazon.com. But I had forgotten whether I had ordered anything and really had no idea what was inside. The only way I could learn what was inside would obviously be to open it.

But for a minute or so, I sat with the sealed box and pondered…

Just imagine if we routinely received packages in the mail and had no idea what they contained.

I believe most would probably cut or tear the tape, lift the cardboard flaps and look inside. We wouldn’t just keep the box as is. We would look for more than what we merely saw on the outside and be open to learning what was within.

Let’s say we all got a sealed box from Amazon.com. Would it be fair to say that most of us would be curious to learn more the contents of the box; like what’s inside?

A retailer like Amazon is big. Each box received could be quite different than other boxes; there are many, many possibilities. The content of each box could be unique for every person. Even with a label on the outside, the contents of each box could be much more than what a simple label could indicate.

Truly, the best way to find out is to look at more than just the label.

Even with that, there are still some that may not want to open any unknown packages.

Some might be afraid to look inside. Maybe distrusting of what they might find. Even when they know it could be a gift. One they could appreciate a great deal. Some just don’t want to take the risk.
Some just assume they know what is inside. Even with a fairly generic label, they are sure they have read more into it. They are sure they know the insides of the box and they even have their mind made up on the motive or intent behind the box. They don’t feel the need to open the box, because they are convinced, they are correct in their verdict.

Still, others just don’t want to open the box because they simply do not want to get involved. They have no interest or desire to look inside. They are happy with whatever the label tells them and they do not wish to learn anymore. No matter how simplistic the label, they believe it is all the knowledge they need.

I guess it comes down to how much one would like to learn about the package. If the package were a person, I suppose one could find out more by simply asking questions. Sharing back and forth could be a way that both sides might learn a bit more than what an outside label might read.

If the package were a person, we might be able to learn more about each other simply by sharing a conversation.

But of course, I’m just talking about a box in the mail.

One I opened to see what was inside.
– Pastor Trever Rook