For several years in my past I wrote and produced the news for television, but these days, I have trouble watching the images I see on the screen.  There is increasing evil in a world that continues to get smaller.

It is becoming more challenging to turn away and pretend atrocities going on in other countries have no effect on us here at home.  After September 11th, we all realize, what happens over there, can have echoes over here.

It can be challenging to deal with these issues as an adult, but how does the news of the world effect our children?  What images are they seeing and how are they interpreting the frightening reports of terrorism, racism, and violent crimes just to mention a few?  How do they deal with the feelings and questions caused by what they can see or hear in any given day?

It is important for our children to feel safe especially in a world often plagued with danger.  It’s important that we give our children as many safe outlets as we can.  Places where they can safely ask questions and share their feelings.  And it’s important that our children know there is love in this world.  Love that can trump abhorrence.

One of my heroes is an ordained minister by the name of Fred McFeely Rogers.  We also know him as Mr. Rogers, the beloved children’s television host.  Fred was passionate about giving children hope and I share this passion.  One of the greatest words of advice came from Fred as it was handed down from his mother.  He said it was important, during times of anguish, to look for the helpers.  No matter what evil our world falls prey to, there are always those that are helping victims and bringing aid to those in need.  It is essential for our children to be told of the helpers and to know there is good in an often scary world.

The world today is filled with enough to keep us down.  We must give our children enough tools to keep them up.  We must talk with children.  Share our feelings with them and teach them by example that it is okay to be afraid.  Share with them stories of faith and hopefulness.  Equip them with positivity they can use to fight the negativity in our world.

Before I sign off, I make one more plea;   bring your children to church and open as many doors to Christ that you can.  Celebrate the Grace of our Lord as a family and as a community.  Let them learn all they can about the God that suffered more so we can suffer less.  Show them there is more to life than the abysmal reports we see on TV. Show them the love of Christ and what it really means to live a life for our savior.

 Show them who the helpers are.